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If you don’t already offer it in your practice, you could be missing an opportunity to bring in new clientele and extend the loyalty of your current patient base.

meet the Clear+Brilliant pélo laser

Cutting-edge linear scanning technology with a contact-cooling sapphire glass for fast, effective, and easy treatment designed for patient satisfaction. Hover over the icons to learn more:

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The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser (GME LinScan System 808) with applicators is indicated for hair removal and permanent hair reduction defined as the stable, long-term reduction in hair counts at 6, 9, or 12 months following a treatment regime.

Important Safety Information

The following is a summary of contraindications for the Clear + Brilliant pélo laser.

  • Long healing periods after preceding treatments
  • Tanned skin
  • Known keloid or abnormal scar formation
  • Predisposition for hypo- or hyperpigmentation
  • Isotretinoin medication
  • Photosensitizing medication such as tetracyclines or retinoids
  • Hydroquinone or other bleaching agents
  • Known herpes infection in treatment area
  • Tattoo in treatment area
  • Pregnancy
  • Use of other hair removal devices or other hair removal methods, e.g., waxing, hair plucking, or hair removal by electrolysis during the preceding 6 weeks.

The user should take steps to herpes prophylaxis prior to treatment if a relevant medical history exists.

The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser is a class IV Laser; i.e., it may cause damage to the eyes and skin. Therefore, all people in the treatment room must wear protective eyewear or goggles as defined in the User Manual.

Improper use of the Clear + Brilliant pélo laser may cause personal injury or damage to the system. See the User Manual for detailed directions, proper use, and full risk and safety information.

lose any doubts you might have.

1. What is Clear + Brilliant pélo laser?
The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser is a new hair removal system that combines innovative linear scanning technology with a powerful skin cooling device, resulting in fast, effective treatments with minimal pain on contact to enhance patient comfort.
2. How does it work?
With linear scanning, a diode laser beam is scanned through the chosen skin area, selectively inducing thermal damage in the hair follicles without injuring the surrounding epidermis. The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser linear scanning offers the advantage of high power density in the actual laser beam. This allows for high fluences in short pulses, making the beam highly effective. The large treatment area requires few positionings of the hand piece, resulting in very short treatment times (e.g. on average, 10 mins for a back).
3. What are the advantages?
Our intuitive navigation with touchscreen interface is easy to operate and delegate to trained medical staffers. It features reliable parameters on predetermined settings that are fully customizable, securing great outcomes for each patient. The sleek design is compact and portable, with convenient accessories like a wheeled cart and a hand release system aid for easy operation. And with compact dimensions and short treatments, you’ll get a high patient turnaround. All this, with a premium white-glove service plan including service and warranties, demonstrates Clear + Brilliant pélo laser to be a sound, profitable investment.
4. What do I get for white-glove premium service?
Your satisfaction is our priority, this is why our white-glove premium customer service offers: all warranties & parts, flat fee, technical support, customer service support, product specialist & software support, and a dedicated sales team.
5. I already have a laser hair removal device in my practice, why should I get Clear + Brilliant pélo laser?

The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser combines a number of convenient features that make it a cutting-edge hair removal machine:

  • Comfortable and convenient for your patients because it is fast and effective with minimal pain on contact
  • You can serve a wide range of patients because it works for all skin types
  • It’s easy to use and allows you to delegate to your trained medical staff
  • Solta provides premium customer service and technical support
  • Its warranties and low fees make it a solid investment with excellent potential to maximize your profits
6. Can I use it on all types of skin?
Yes, the Clear + Brilliant pélo laser can be used safely and effectively on skin types I-VI.
7. Why is it faster than other devices?
The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser has a large treatment area of 50mm x 15mm and can use high fluences in short pulses. The combination of these features make it more than 5 times faster than traditional diode lasers, while equally effective.
8. How long does each treatment take?

Results will vary by patient, depending on skin and hair type along with other personal factors, but these are estimated times per session:

Back: 8-12min; Full legs: 36 min; Face: 1-3min; Underarm: 1 min

9. How often should treatments be repeated?

We recommend completing a total of 5-6 treatments with the following intervals:

Face, underarm, bottom area: 4-6 weeks; Body: 6-8 weeks; Arms and legs: 6-8/10 weeks

10. How does it minimize pain?
The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser handpiece is equipped with a powerful contact cooling device consisting of a sapphire glass that can be cooled down to 0°C. The strong cooling effect minimizes pain on contact. With Clear + Brilliant pélo laser, there is no need for numbing creams.
11. How much space does it take?
The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser is quite compact; it measures 30 x 32 x 27 cm (about 12 x 13 x 11 in), which is smaller than your average carry-on bag. An additional wheeled cabinet base allows for easy transportation and adaptability within your office space.

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